Kelvin Sholar – Release

from Kelvin Sholar´s facebook-page:

Here is the first track of my January 2012 release on my own record label Kasmavtsu Music- „Between Worlds“. It’s called „Continuum“ and it features my electronics, programming and percussion playing. This track was performed, mixed and mastered by myself, and the excellent music video is from Andreas Plata. The photographer in the video is Philipp Wittulsky (more of his work is on my website and featured on the recording). The skyline is Berlin and the Alex, as seen from Weekend (Berlin’s top electronica club) in Mitte. A quote about the record from Lenny White (Miles Davis, Return to Forever)- „Musicians are no longer confined by musical categories. This music is timeless and spans generations. Improvisation in the 21st century has a fresh new approach and sound and this is it“. Enjoy!